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PICO Assay All-in-One Set - 2 colors


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The PICO Assay All-in-One Set - 2 colors contains all the individual PICO Kits required to perform a complete PICO experiment. The All-in-One Set allows the detection and quantification of a proteins, protein interactions, and post-translational modifications. The two antibodies, required for the PICO assay, have to be provided by the customer. 

The PICO Assay All-in-One Set - 2 colors contains the following products:

  • 1 x PICO-000050 PICO Antibody Purification (AP) Kit
  • 1 x PICO-000030 PICOact Antibody Conjugation (aAC) Kit
  • 1 x PICO-000040 PICOact Conjugated Antibody Label Loading (aCALL) Kit
  • 1 x PICO-000010 PICO Amplification Core (AMC) Kit
  • 1 x PICO-000060 PICOact BL Label
  • 1 x PICO-000061 PICOact P8 Label
  • 1 x PICO-000070 PICO BL Probe
  • 1 x PICO-000071 PICO P8 Probe

The All-in-One Set contains materials to perform 120 dPCR reactions corresponding to five full 24-well QIAcuity dPCR plates or five PICO experiments.


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