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PICO Amplification Core (AMC) Kit


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The PICO Amplification Core (AMC) Kit enables the highly sensitive detection and quantification of proteins and protein interactions. The PICO AMC workflow includes the chemical crosslinking and lysis of the sample, followed by the incubation of lysates with the PICO DNA Labeled antibodies. After the binding reaction the sample is highly diluted and loaded into a QIAcuity Nanoplate 26k 24-well. The PICO DNA Labels are amplified and fluorescent signal is generated that is detected by QIAGEN's QIAcuity dPCR System. After the dPCR run, the raw data is uploaded and analyzed with our online AMULATOR software.

The PICO AMC Kit is designed to perform 120 dPCR reactions corresponding to five full 24-well dPCR plates or five PICO experiments.

The following PICO products are required additionally in the PICO AMC workflow:

The following QIAGEN consumables are required additionally in the PICO AMC workflow: