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PICOglue Antibody Labeling (gAL) Kit


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The PICOglue Antibody Labeling (gAL) Kit is designed to enable the labeling of up to four antibodies with DNA oligonucleotides using Actome's PICOglue labeling technology. With labeling efficiency up to 100% and at least six months of labeled antibody stability, this kit is ideal for highly sensitive PICO measurements.

The PICO gAL protocol is streamlined into a three-day procedure, requiring less than 2.5 hours of hands-on time. Currently there are four different PICOglue Labels (PICOglue BL, P8, N6, and O7 Label) available, allowing for versatile applications across a range of research needs.

The following PICO products are required additionally to the PICO gAL Kit:


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