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PICO Antibody Quality Control Service


Actome offers a professional service to perform the quality control of your PICOglue-labeled antibodies

The initial step of the PICO workflow is the labeling of your antibodies with PICO specific unique DNA oligonucleotides (PICOglue Labels). To ensure the antibodies are efficiently and accurately labeled with the PICOglue Labels a quality control step is included in the workflow. We use Agilent's Bioanalyzer, a high resolution automated electrophoresis instrument, to determine the labeling efficiency of the antibody and ensure that a sufficient amount of antibodies are conjugated with PICOglue Labels. In addition we also determine the concentration of the PICOglue-labeled antibodies (labeled antibody molecules/µL) using dPCR and our PICO Amplification Core Kit with matching PICO Probes.

To take advantage of this service, all we need is a small amount of your PICOglue-labeled antibody (~3 µL) as input material.  We will perform the necessary quality control analysis to ensure the reliability of your PICOglue-labeled antibodies, allowing you to confidently use them in your PICO assays.

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